This blog is in memory of your friend, my Father.
Please feel free to send me your memories, anecdotes, pictures and eulogies for posting.
Remember, you are Voices Of Change. Voice the changes you want to see and it shall be.
Thank you.
In Loving Memory, Stephen

Please support Robert McDowell's KickStarter campaign to produce a DVD documentary--conversations with George Hitchcock, legendary poet, editor of Kayak, painter, sculptor, actor, director, playwright, mentor/teacher, Emeritus Professor at UC Santa Cruz, novelist and extraordinary raconteur. George was one-of-a-kind. He lived life large, and his story is amazing. Please go to and give what you can.

"I gladly acknowledge a considerable debt to George Hitchcock and Kayak. He dealt with me kindly and generously, and I had the pleasure of his company several times. I even gave a reading with him, once -- in, I think, Lexington, Kentucky. George read first, and I read second. It was impossible. George read his poems from loose sheets and threw them over his shoulder as he finished with them. By the time he was done, the show was over. To follow him, I needed to be a talking dog." ~ Wendell Berry

ViVACE TRIBUTE: Christine Neilson


As you all know, our dear friend and mentor George Hitchcock passed on recently. The tributes, stories and photos that have poured forth are amazing and enlightening. With the blessing of Marjorie Simon, I am preparing a special issue of ViVACE gathering together many of these shared and original remembrances, along with a few poems by George himself. Contributors thus far include Joseph Bednarik, Charles Duncan, *William Harmon, Robert Hill Long, Howard Junker, Stephen Kessler, *Phillip Levine, Glenna Luschei, Robert McDowell, *Morton Marcus, Page and Lynn Stegner, David Swanger, Jackson Wheeler, Liz Wiley. (*publisher/literary trust permission to republish tributes)

A special cover featuring one of George's paintings "La Cena" will grace the issue. I plan to have this collector's edition available in early October and plan to take copies with me to the tribute to
at UCSC's Porter College on Oct. 29.

I need your help making this issue possible, because as everyone knows small press publishing is not a "for-profit" venture. George Fuller has already pledged $100. My goal is to raise another $700 in the next two weeks to assist in printing costs. Can you help? All donations are tax deductible as ViVACE is a non-profit 501c3, and I will provide a receipt. If you can help, please let me know and I will provide instruction on how to deliver the funds through ViVACE's PayPal account.

Many thanks!

Christine Neilson
Managing Editor