This blog is in memory of your friend, my Father.
Please feel free to send me your memories, anecdotes, pictures and eulogies for posting.
Remember, you are Voices Of Change. Voice the changes you want to see and it shall be.
Thank you.
In Loving Memory, Stephen

Please support Robert McDowell's KickStarter campaign to produce a DVD documentary--conversations with George Hitchcock, legendary poet, editor of Kayak, painter, sculptor, actor, director, playwright, mentor/teacher, Emeritus Professor at UC Santa Cruz, novelist and extraordinary raconteur. George was one-of-a-kind. He lived life large, and his story is amazing. Please go to and give what you can.

"I gladly acknowledge a considerable debt to George Hitchcock and Kayak. He dealt with me kindly and generously, and I had the pleasure of his company several times. I even gave a reading with him, once -- in, I think, Lexington, Kentucky. George read first, and I read second. It was impossible. George read his poems from loose sheets and threw them over his shoulder as he finished with them. By the time he was done, the show was over. To follow him, I needed to be a talking dog." ~ Wendell Berry

A Lovely Video by Howard McCord

Dear "Corps de Kayak":
Just wanted to share with you the lovely video Howard McCord did for the upcoming event in George's honor.  Not only is it a wonderful set of reminiscences and observations, but it's just another example of the marvelous people (and that includes every one of you receiving this) who have, in some way, large or small, made working on this event over the past six months so personally rewarding for me. 
Thank you for your many, many kindnesses.  
Liz Wiley