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Please support Robert McDowell's KickStarter campaign to produce a DVD documentary--conversations with George Hitchcock, legendary poet, editor of Kayak, painter, sculptor, actor, director, playwright, mentor/teacher, Emeritus Professor at UC Santa Cruz, novelist and extraordinary raconteur. George was one-of-a-kind. He lived life large, and his story is amazing. Please go to and give what you can.

"I gladly acknowledge a considerable debt to George Hitchcock and Kayak. He dealt with me kindly and generously, and I had the pleasure of his company several times. I even gave a reading with him, once -- in, I think, Lexington, Kentucky. George read first, and I read second. It was impossible. George read his poems from loose sheets and threw them over his shoulder as he finished with them. By the time he was done, the show was over. To follow him, I needed to be a talking dog." ~ Wendell Berry

From Christine Neilson, ViVACE Literary Magazine

The most influential creative person in my UC-Santa Cruz undergraduate years and, later, in my professional writing life, was George Hitchcock. I met him initially when I was Provost J.  B. Hall's ad asst. He scared the hell out of me----I was a surfer chick w/o a clue. Later, when I became a re-entry student, I asked him to be my academic advisor and what a ride.

He was  a quirky mentor extraordinaire whose critical eye stared me into a corner. When I reappeared, surreal imagery spilled on to my blank page. During a memorable creative writing class section, George rolled a 6-foot cafeteria tray rack through the door, he reached into his satchel and pulled out a hand carved statue and slapped it down on the table, then instructed us to freewrite while he strummed the rack with a wood spoon. He roared with laughter as we read aloud our disjointed poetics.

Later, George invited me to be a member of his home writers group; eating, critiquing, playing bocci ball. My 6-year old son, would accompany me to the seasonal kayak parties, fascinated by the hand press, he'd willing participate in the production line.

Twenty-five years later, I had the honor of publishing poems by George and Marjorie in the premiere issue of my literary journal ViVACE.

Christine Neilson, UCSC Alumni
Managing Editor, ViVACE Literary Magazine

ViVACE, is offering a Memorial section of quirky vignettes by George's colleagues, former students, admirers. This tribute will appear as the first section of ViVACE 2.